Tracking Food 101

Whether you are trying lose, gain or even maintain your weight, how much you eat on a daily basis will determine whether or not you reach your goal. But…how do we know how much energy we are eating daily?

We must learn how to plan & track our food!

Tracking our daily energy intake gives us complete control over our health & body composition

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Matthew & Jodii Fox
The diet that’s making you FAT

You probably also have heard of how easy it is, haven’t you? Simply add butter to your coffee, pound cheese & bacon over your eggs in the morning and bath in peanut butter on the daily and voila, your dream body is sculpted in under 8 days flat (and as an added bonus, the keto diet even comes with a magic stick that you pee on to tell you that you’re doing great!)

But the hard truth is, the ketogenic diet is actually the one diet that has the ability to make you FAT (..and unhealthy!) IF you do not execute it correctly and invest the time needed into understanding & educating yourself on how being in a state of ketosis affects your body & mind.

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